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“In caring for those living with Brain change or Dementia, let compassion be the light that guides us….illuminating the path through the shadows of forgetfullness with kindness, patience and love.”

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Committed to advocate and serve Seniors.

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We provide quality Training and Education 

“Are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of managing your loved one’s Dementia care needs at home?”

“Do you struggle to find the reliable information and support to help you navigate the daily complexities of Dementia?”

“Have you found it difficult to balance your personal life, work, and caregiving responsibilities?”

“Are you concerned about ensuring the safety and comfort of your loved one as their Dementia progresses?”

“Do you wish for more moments of connection with your loved one, despite the changes Dementia brought?”

“Are you looking for Dementia care option that truly understands the emotional and practical aspects of your family’s journey?”

You are not alone in this….we are here every step of the way!

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We are dedicated to empowering families, caregivers and communities through education and training to effectively care for individuals with Dementia or Brain Change.

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